After being derailed divorce her husband, she has been sheltered sky caved in completely to.

  Go out and get a decent job, has failed.
  Only a waitress in a restaurant, but the meager salary is not enough to bear the medical expenses of seriously ill children!
  The husband remarried with a young secretary, as if she could not wait to get rid of this burden with the children, even very unfair division of property.
  May appeal, the children can not wait.
  Desperate, only the rain cigarette plot.
  All the pain, 北京夜生活all under this cigarette, as the last vestiges of the rain-filled smoke, go hand in hand into the lungs.
  But on her screenplay.Write stuff, but all is not the case!
  ”Find the body of the lighter, did not find the smoke, your remarks are.”
  Wei Ming point above the fingers are shaking up.
  He looked down, his voice seems to be strangling!
  - the world’s most sad reminder of the thing, nothing more than a cup of tea big breasts in my hands, but I did not find a straw.
  - sad reminders!lament!I ripped it to drink it, or go back to ask the clerk to do a straw!?
  - a not come up with the answer, but rain.Milk torn cover, rain falling in, tea doomed.Half an hour to go back, hot big breasts on the cold!!!
  God!Thieves God!No, it’s not blame God make fun of this blame me, why I did not just take a straw, no check again left!北京夜生活网I am stupid!I blame stupid!
  I’m sorry, my big breasts.I’m sorry your sister!
  This dense word in the script completely written no less than.
  She also posted a small note.
  The last really use a ‘textbook knowledge’.
  - close-range, and hidden and exposed face.
  Tibet: I received unprecedented damage, are really desperate to get the milk tyrants!
  Lucy: I could not find it special straw.anxious!Disgraced!
  Wei Ming Yan of saliva, and ultimately do not know how to express their feelings.
  Yuyao Yao glanced at the place where he’d pointed, it is a cry oh.
  Her face was a little red to red.

  ”Ah, thank you sister Sue.”Sakura too late for her and smiled, then walked to the studio.

  There is no scene and no other roles, studio whiteFlower piece, lighting a bit harsh.Chi Ying recalled the story, substituting his own woman and two situation.
  She is the family’s second-largest, after sister was born, parents who wanted a boy before she gave birth.Father’s house thinking feudal, patriarchal, shortly after her birth, the parents began to quarrel endlessly, shortly after the marriage breakdown.Mother directly to the gas spread in her body.She made a wrong point will be scolded all day, gingerly treading on thin ice.Shortly after taking her mother and sister to marry changed, then there is a father three years older than her sister’s son, is the main man, patience clear cold.Sister warm and cheerful, likable.Her self-esteem cowardice, was covered in negative energy, there will always be forgotten.
  No moment, late cherry sparkling eyes, for the inferiority, loss and timid.
  Jiang Lang was shocked, obviously she is still before the second and stylists made laugh Yan Yan, one second after how to cut the state?
  He engaged in the work of directors over the years, seen the best actor mood can not turn so quickly, hearts beat a row of exclamation points.
  Since the European back door when the media took over the “thorn own” production, Lu Jing Yan told him to former director Cheng Qi Hong screening of supporting characters all termination, paid la杭州桑拿rge sums of liquidated damages, and then re-selection of harsh conditions.Throughout the process, leaving only the woman played by late cherry II – internal production team rumors, saying that Lu Ying Chi Yan Jing handpicked candidates.Although the parrot did not associate the words, but the crew really only a couple late cherry, or even no new debut.
  Jiang Long stereotyped thought she was coming through relations, the high probability is a hot potato.
  Now it seems, about her before a rumor had not necessarily as a marketing number, there may be true.Lu Jing Yan has always been prudent act, is certainly not out of the palm of people unfortunately refer to.
  Zhang Qi to find a good angle to shoot while facing the late cherry.
  Chi Ying very photogenic facial features, eyes in place, together with Zhang Qi over the years to shoot portraits of skills, shoot the original film have a great feeling.Photographers know that good a shot, emotional expression stuff, model, simply can not be met, money can not find.Only the ideal model, in order to shoot good works.
  Zhang Qi could not resist: “You have the opportunity to find about film.”
  Chi Ying curved lip: “Well.”She thought a lot of the photography department alumni semester about to find her beat, but it was to be busy graduate drama, all turned down.There is a chance, she would like to try, leave some college campuses memory.
  After seeing Jiang Lang also appreciated: “Yes, continue to maintain.”
  Chi Ying finished soon, Su blue smiling to greet her: “So you are so good.”
  Chi Ying laughed: “There are many places to learn.”
  In this case, the rear door is pushed open chamber photography.Su Blue could not help exclaiming loudly: “Boy, is she had care of the household.”
  Ok?Not Gengshitongma?Chi Ying also look at the past, I saw Jin Jing came in wearing sunglasses.Her coffee-bit higher than the poetry Geng Tong.The rapid rise after the debut, after a succinct time, has now become a fan of microblogging top flow eighty million.
  ”Thorn has been” a huge lineup beyond imagining.
  Chi Ying can not help but wonder to ask the question: “What is Tong Geng poetry?”
  ”So she should look at women and three.No wonder the poem Tong Geng one to you tense, turned out to be new pressure limelight.”
  Jin Jing in the sunglasses of a discount, to the assistant, smooth movements chic, walking with the wind.

  Now suddenly said to be the big test of the top B.

  Although the last midterm exam the fifth school, but my mother Gu Gu heart always feel that sleep is extraordinary play, the college entrance examination, may not be able to test that many points, if you can sleep Gu admitted to ordinary universities, she has been very happy, back home, those who look down on those who gave birth to a daughter she would also shut up the.
  Gu Mian said: “I think I can be admitted.”
  Mom looked at the early Han Gu Gu, this take into account the other: “Then why do you want to test large B?A large Japanese B is not the same powerful it?But also close to home, you will be able to come back holiday, B mostly far ah, winter can be cold up there, you poor health, where to be able to stand?”
  Gu early Han looked at her, apparently do not understand.
  Gu sleep suddenly throw a bombshell: “I’m in love and Li Yu.”
  The room fell silent moment.
  Gu shock at her mother, Gu early Han also froze a moment, then slowly frowned.
  Gu sleep but still calm, said: “For family reasons Li Yu, and he did not want the A large university, so I promised him, and his big test with B.”
  Gu mom totally speechless.
  Gu early Han silent for a long while, and ask都市兔兔ed: “You and Li Yu.When did this happen?”
  Before “mid-term exam.”Gu replied sleep.
  Gu mother managed to slow to God: “No wonder.I said Li Yu see your eyes just like a puppy, has been sticking to your body, I say he likes you, your dad did not believe.”I paused, she looked at the care of sleep, and asked:” You, you like him?”
  Gu sleep smiled: “Of course he likes and his love ah.”
  Gu moment between mother and do not know what to say, look to the care of the early Han Dynasty, like he wanted to get an idea.
  It’s puppy love ah sleep Gu.

  You Si Man does not know where the wrong, just listen to the Winchester family background is very high, especially at home and need to Winchester joint, so Wenshu Ting and her sister was so arrogant.

  Although this is more than a month off, she seems to surface has been assimilated and in this era, but the inside is still difficult to change some thinking.
  Mrs Xun Wen arrived the next day ready to apologize to his wife to take a clear explanation, but directly stopped by the guard, he was not allowed into the wenjia.
  He is the son of former Winchester, the doorman of his attitude is respectful, and now Mr. and Missy’s attitude changed, he naturally also listen to the words of Mr. shut out.
  Mrs Xun did not give up, turn to the Wenshu Ting studio, he knew Wenshu Ting at home will not be idle, most likely in the studio here.
  Downstairs security did not know that he and Wen Shuting things often did have to take over Miss Wen, prompting many people admire the building of it, so be allowed to go directly.
  Reception sister also familiar to him, smiled and said, “Viktor ah, warm designers are inside it.”
  ”Thank you.”Mrs Xun intersection restrain live heart, gentle replied.
  Front desk young girl can not help but laments, really warm designer winner in life ah, my husband still young so good, this is not to the point it came to her from work.
  Saw him, Wenshu Ting face to cool down.
  ”What are you doing here?”
  ”Shu Ting, those words are not what I mean, I never thought about it.”Mrs Xun up on to explain that his wife’s character is very clear for people, absolutely can not stand those words.
  The studio there are other people, thought it was enjoyable to meet the couple, not wishing such a bad atmosphere, no wonder warm designers are not very good mood these days, and it seems that her husband had a fight ah.
  Because Wenshu Ting and relations are good, they are not a good stay and listen to the couple arguing gossip, they have all also bring out the door.
  Wenshu Ting can not help seeing frown, but also some headaches.
  Mrs Xun did not put just said that words to heart.
  ”I do not want to see you, do not want to hear your explanation.”Wenshu Ting attitude is very firm.
  Those words Yousi spread too sick to her, even if still in love, especially Xun, but a short time she did not want to see him, because I saw him, would think Yousi spread nauseating, then there is the illegitimate child.
  ”But you can not see me, those things I have to deal with the fast.”Mrs Xun seriously said, send their children to deal with that where there are humble woman he wants good, only prepared to properly handle, do not leak out.
  Wenshu Ting picked up his cel杭州夜网论坛l phone, cold light, “You do not want me to call security right, so everyone does not look good, but also affect your work.”

  Lu Jiayuan, as a community, of course, do not care a little north of.

  That’s why Donnan Sheng lie can be maintained down.
  But Su rain, so a time bomb here, Donnan Sheng really do not even sleep peacefully.
  She looked at the porch of running water pond, look at a beauty standing aside Su rain, extreme malicious cumulative heart.
  This is a quaint old Zhaizi, in order to maintain structural integrity, no camera.
  Donnan Sheng secretly clenched hand.
  If, if she pushed her go on.
  ”South Sheng?Brother find you.”
  Lu Jia Mei Sheng saw the Donnan, impatiently waving at her.
  Su Sheng Donnan rain along the line of sight to see in the past, came to see the girls put skirt, knee-jerk take a step back, then turned and ran.
  ”Who is that?”Lu Kamei only see a faint silhouette.
  ”No one, who had lost guests.”Donnan Sheng cheeky tension, blocking the line of sight of land Kamei.
  Lu Jia beauty is Li Jiayuan sister.
  She would have been looked down on such a small marketplace Donnan Sheng people out of delusion cling to high sticks, married in girls.But surprisingly, her brother is actually very value this girl called Donnan Sheng.
  Lu Kamei before looking at a dance clothing Donnan Sheng, Lu Jiayuan think up the room painting, subcons杭州桑拿洗浴ciously think of what.
  Her brother that despicable hypocrisy, actually was a kind of situation?An antique painting it, he really is when the girls in front of the paintings beauty?
  Hundreds of years old paintings, beauty fear is already ashes of it.
  ”follow me.”Lu Jia Mei Sheng see the land with his family Donnan.
  Lu Jiayuan was standing in the porch talking to his father Caleb industry.
  Cushing industry is Lu’s son came home Uxorilocal.
  His wife died after giving birth to land Kamei, Cushing industry by virtue of their ability to gain a firm foothold in the home land.
  I have to say to a person’s identity surname break some world in the home land the big dye vat, Cushing industry is definitely not a simple character.

  Ningdong confused Li Xi Wen is angry or joking, he was not joking when handling, solemnly said: “You do not want me how I do?I despise others!”

  ”Well, I want you to continue the.”Li Xi Man Hin particularly did not like the idea, but she turned to the old lady would like a baby,” Chen grandmother, you see, one that would rather not talk about East Cape this way, I totally did not get his way!”
  ”Chen grandmother, Please, do not tease your sister play, I managed to wait until the young girl nods do I object!If she really think your objection makes sense and I do not talk about the object, how do I do it?”Ningdong experience the first time in the spring of swords woman, I want to cry.
  Don Lee Xi Wen calmly watch commander also smiling waiting to see them, and the little girl’s cousin looked Qinge Ningdong are gloating laugh, estimated his home his wife is more than good enough for the girl to expose people the slightest bit of Ningdong mean, people do not care about the little girl, who would only be stuck on dead Ningdong.
  This girl can help people in time of drought to break out three or four hundred wells and brought her to find water experience to many people, not even retained the lessons published as a book, which is able to accumulate much blessing?
  If his children and grandchildren so lucky to marry his wife, his dream can wake up laughing.
  He’ll put his wife and the girl Ningdong split up, it is not a good thing and it became enemies Fang?
  Tang commander smiled and said: “East son, Chen grandmother that you are teasing you play with.Now that Comrade Li internship course have been able to talk about the object, yet given you a good day?”
  ”not yet.But I’ve followed the young girl’s preferences bought a house, but also from their home near!”Ning Dongli That grin, ‘Grandpa Don, we got married.’
  ”Wait, Ningdong.You are not on our house to propose marriage, let alone get married first.Even my parents liked you, according to procedures that have to go over ah.”Li Zhenhua is not scared to sinners, Taking a shot an arrow to北京夜网wards Chen grandmother,” called outsiders misunderstanding on our house to catch her daughters married, interesting?”
  The key thing is fierce carved square standing on our side of the family cousin, immediately said: “Zhenhua, you see, my grandfather and aunt all the way to propose marriage I estimate that 1:30 would ask for it false.Your brother is as a father, a brother when I was.They grew up together anyway, both parents are like them.I now propose marriage to you, please Tang grandfather matchmaker, okay?”
  ”My sister is still small, we are in no hurry to marry off their daughters at home!”Li Zhenhua immediately bear the.
  ”Engagement, first engagement today!Higher status laid down, your wedding day Ka Ting, said someday someday, our family no two words!”Fang Meng has been holding glasses stood up,” Tang grandfather, at work you are my leader, in life you are our elders, and Chen Dong Son is your grandmother grew up watching, I ask you to do Tai Mei.”
  ”OK, you take a drink, when I matchmaker!”Don commander keen on the idea.
  Chen grandmother tried to speak, but her husband had promised, she is not willing to oppose her husband, looking embarrassed look strange.
  Chen, head of the father and daughter this time not a word.
  Fang Meng dry wine, smiled and said: “I take betrothal gifts to.”He left the meeting into the bedroom out of a box,” I know it is a watch is not enough, let’s return to the capital to fix missing.”
  ”Thank you, big cousin.”Ningdong Xi Zizi pick.

  Heng Yu lips smiling, watched Don leave on horse.

  Six months later, Yu Heng medicine a lot of progress, but Chinese medicine is profound, she has had to learn.But she has learned six months visits can treat some common ailments such as colds and coughs, so she took her an old doctor went to Tang County, Tang County free of charge to people clinic.
  Those are all incurable old doctor shot treatment, ordinary ailment is practiced hand gave Heng-yu.
  Tangjiazhuang deep pockets, these times, gem Court has in large towns across the country took root, woman Qian Haozhuan not to talk, but six months alone gem Court of income, it is worth a Tangjiazhuang other financial industry earnings the.So do the people all the medicines prescribed by the Tangjiazhuang help advance the.
  Clinic lasted three days, the end of that day, the value of jade and old geniuses back Tangjiazhuang, while on the road just to see a man and a woman horse from afar.
  They separated too far, can not see the face, until the two men closer, Yu Heng had figured out that the man is brighter than the light in her Gege Tang, as the woman she did not know, but looks tender and beautiful, people saw it heart goodwill.
  ”brother.”Heng Yu aloud.
  Tang did not pay attention in the beginning, I heard the familiar voice of the people standing there only to find that balance is the jade, not by pulling the bridle stop, surprise: “Erh.”His eyes moved to the old geniuses who respectfully said:” Xu doctor.”
  Fu Fu old geniuses own gray beard, nodding regarded greeting surface has been holding its own figure who trained medical cents image.
  In the women next to Don in a horse bridle also hand over to say hello to balance the two jade.
  Heng-yu no verbal ridicule, and so on back to the Tang J北京SPA会所iabao wash some after dinner almost to the use of time.
  At the dinner table along with Don formally introduce him to a few people back to the woman, he came back this time, but also to married.
  ”It was thanks to Rong mother, or I may have to scrap a leg up.”Don in this thing once you say it, suddenly help Zhou Rong maxed out goodwill.
  He was out of the forest, accidentally bitten in the leg snakes, or passing Zhou Rong to help him deal with venom, and bring him back some treatment, the venom that was not penetrated the bone marrow.They thus become attached to health conditions.
  Since the Tang and Zhou Rong-year fall in love, naturally no opinion Tangwei.
  Zhou Rong Tang and so on and the wedding did not take long to run, came the news of the death of the emperor ascended the throne Prince.

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  ”Muqing Yao, you slut!”He pulled her on, walk away and is a slap in the face pumping past.

  Muqing Yao was beaten a rip off, the whole reason people a bit.
  She burst into, looked incredulously at closure of State, as if did not even actually thought he would be slapped this man has been the Raiders.
  ”Well,” Qing Feng sneer, he bent pinched her chin, “is not like a man seduce?I should understand your nature, a former Santo Yuzhou small enough, a gold Yu Ming is not enough, the fact that I, now you have to do to seduce me Yaoshu?”
  Muqing Yao longer be required Raiders man, but do not want such a thing to be placed for the next plane.
  She stood up and rub, and finally no longer installed, sneered: “Feng Qing, either you are Qingzhou flowers and building owner, I depend on others, do you think any woman can bear your women?”
  Wen Yan, Feng Qing like a shock: “Sure enough, you watch this woman child!”
  Then he bayan苏州桑拿网 Muqing Yao will play the second slap in the face.
  ”Ah, Ah Qing cool!”Seal thirteen stopping quickly,” she was building the beauty of it, will also participate in a check, do not hurt her face.”
  Thirteen letters in the end is a love affair veteran, and greedy Muqing Yao beauty, and sometimes Lianxiangxiyu heart together, we can not bear the.
  Feng Qing looking ashen, he stormed Lengheng sound, mercilessly cut out two one, then step away.
  Seeing seal thirteen letters Qing walked away, he turned around, looked at the tears in her eyes, pale Muqing Yao, romantic thoughts that point resurgence.
  After all, just beautiful woman in my arms feel like not to linger at your fingertips, is very **.
  ”Do not cry, cry to look good.”Thirteen letters also took the veil to wipe the tears Muqing Yao.
  Muqing Yao seemed to find rely like, Ruyan cast pregnant, I still see the pity pumping ride up.
  She also did not forget to complain Sell miserable: “Shi Sanshu, I’m really not Ah Ching said, I have difficulties, I grew up as an orphan, has been living a wink Man, days of dependence, I just desperately up climb, to live a little better.”
  This rhetoric does not know letters thirteen Believe it or not, anyway, that he would be holding a half-man, softly cajole.
  It tacitly re-entered again into the room, a little while, inside the room sounded another movement.